Nature Podcasts


Should you ever be bored or looking for just general knowledge on the environment, you could take a listen to these neat little podcasts:

The Green Majority: UoFT situated, discuses current events every Friday and in their words ” inspiring citizens to take control of their own environments” try to teach people who to speak out for themselves in regards to nature

The Glass Bead: A podcast from the Uk, focuses on general issues around the world and usually releases bi weekly to monthly (contains documentaries about world issues)

Nature’s Path: Documentary podcasts that recount key parts of Canadas history relating to environmental issues and how Canadians evolved over time

Nature Podcast: Weekly podcast that discuses the science and breakthrough relating to the enviroment

This site includes various other podcasts you can search for relating to any topic you’d like, Includes things such as the suzukis, Nature’s path etc.


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