Since 1991, Evergreen, a Canadian charity and international thought leader, has provoked bold action in transforming public landscapes into thriving community spaces with environmental, social and economic benefits. At the core of our work is the belief that involving people directly in the process of restoring the health of local ecologists and their communities positively affects the attitudes and behaviors that llogo-header-evergreenie at the core of the sustainable city.

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Tides Canada

How can we foster a healthy planet and just Canadian society? Grow the capital and build the community dedicated to solving the key environmental and social issues of our time.

Since 2000, thousands of donors, on-the-ground initiatives, and partners have transformed this vision into the vibrant community that is Tides Canada today. There have been many key milestones along the way.                                              grantee_tidesca_logo

Today, Tides Canada has grown to be a recognized national leader in social change philanthropy. They have supported over 2,500 initiatives with grants totaling $158,403,260 in support of environmental and social change. We support nearly 40 initiatives on our shared platform and manage about 200 donors advised funds.

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