LEAF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the urban forest. Our residential planting programs help residents get the right tree planted in the right place in Toronto, York Region and Ajax.  We are currently seeking an urban tree planter to help carry out large tree and shrub plantings in residential yards.

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YR Student Water Conservation Program

Image result for york regionYR Student Water Conservation Program is a program runs by York Region, involving students in York Region. Student Water Conservation Program does different kinds of projects such as Beach Water Testing, Drinking Water Source Protection and etc., all by students and managers of York Region. York Region Student Water Conservation Program is very significant in a way that students are being responsible by their own wills of protecting the environment of their neighbor, and the solutions to the pre-existing problems are being researched by running different projects. For more information of York Region Student Water Conservation Program, visit (http://www.york.ca/wps/portal/yorkhome/environment/yr/waterandwastewater/studentwaterconservationprograms/)

Youth Environmental Network of York Region

Youth Environmental Network of York Region, YENYR, is a non-profit YENYRorganization that is composed of young leaders who represent various schools in York Region. It was founded in 2007 by Vino Jeyapalan, a Grade 10 student attending Markville Secondary School in Markham with a purpose of raising awareness environmental issues among youth people in York Region. Different events are held by YENYR, to support environment in York Region, and also project that are fundraised to improve litter and local environmental quality, water and recycling, water and etc., and the region includes the oak ridges moraine, where different types of environmental issues occur and is not very aware to the people. For more information about their partners, projects, achievements and goals, visit the website below.