The Kawartha Watershed


The Kawartha watershed is a unique landscape that holds vast wetlands, and long meandering rivers that flow to and from big lakes along the Trent-Severn Waterway. Agriculture thrives on rich soils and clean water, picturesque rural communities dot the landscape, and conservation and natural areas protect significant natural heritage. All of our programs and services support the protection of this unique watershed in Ontario.

Map of the Kawartha Watershed

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Forests Ontario


Vision & Mission

Making Ontario’s forests greener

At Forests Ontario, we’re dedicated to making Ontario’s forests greener. Our ambitious tree planting initiatives, extensive education programs, and decades of community outreach have helped plant millions of trees in the province each year—and it’s through these efforts that we’re bringing our vision for healthier forests to a new generation of stewards, partners, teachers, and donors.

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Earthroots’ Oak Ridges Moraine Campaign

The Oak Ridges Moraine: A Natural Place for Everyone to Enjoy

Too much development on the Oak Ridges Moraine means habitat loss for hundreds of plant and animal species. Even with over four million people living nearby, the Oak Ridges Moraine is still 30 percent forested. There are so few large areas of forest left in southern Ontario that the Moraine is crucial for the survival of many threatened birds. The Moraine also has thousands of wetlands, including unusual kettle lakes and rare kettle bogs with plant species like the rose pogonia orchid that are usually found in northern Ontario. Some drier upland areas have prairie plants like wild lupine and big bluestem grass.

The Oak Ridges Moraine is one of the last continuous corridors of greenspace left in southern Ontario. The Oak ridges trail crosses the length of the Moraine with a link to the Trans Canada trail- a great place to hike and ski that is only an hour’s drive from downtown Toronto! We need a clean and green Moraine to save us from sprawling urban development.

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ORCCR Trail Improvement

Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve (ORRCR) is undergoing a plan called Oak Ridges Corridor Park East Management Plan. This plan will continue until December 2020. This is a plan to construct more trail within the park.the result of this act will improve trails as well as way-finding and signage system on site while protecting sensitive and valuable ecological landscapes.