Quick Facts and Figures About Oak Ridges Moraine

Small Map of the Oak Ridges Moraine

The Moraine has an enormous amount of biodiversity. There are:

  • 1,171 plant species
  • 125 species of moss
  • 166 breeding bird species (and more through migratory seasons)
  • 30 species of reptiles and amphibians
  • 51 mammal species
  • 73 fish species
  • 74 species of butterflies
  • 70 dragonflies and damselfly species
  • 88 species are provincial or national species at risk and 466 are moraine rare (Canada as a whole has 71,500 species of plants and animals, with approximately 422 species at risk)

There are 72 life and earth science Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI’s) covering 15% of the moraine and 82 Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs)

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Ontario Greenbelt Alliance

The Ontario Greenbelt Alliance is a watchdog and defender of Ontario’s innovative greenbelt.Image result for Ontario greenbelt alliance

This map above shows Ontario Greenbelt Alliances’ geographic map of Ontario, and places related to greenbelt. The final goal of Ontario Greenbelt Alliance is to preserve good environment that exists in present, and recover the polluted environment by successfully growing a complete greenbelt.

About Ontario Greenbelt Alliance :

  • The Ontario Greenbelt Alliance is a watchdog and defender of Ontario’s innovative Greenbelt. Our vision is to make the Greenbelt a valuable and permanent part of Ontario’s landscape. The Alliance is coordinated by Environmental Defence.

Story of Ontario Greenbelt Alliance:

  • The Greenbelt Alliance was instrumental in establishing the Greenbelt in the lead up to 2005, growing it in the intervening years and making it the largest permanently protected Greenbelt in the world. Its members draw attention to the issues that are affecting the Greenbelt,  support communities and governments in their efforts to protect the Greenbelt for its natural and agricultural values, work together and share information on key regional issues.
  • The Greenbelt is a living, growing system for sustaining a healthy environment and vibrant communities.

For more information about their plans, visit http://www.greenbeltalliance.ca/.

Geology of Oak Ridges Moraine

geology2.pngIn oakridgeswater.ca, very detailed maps and explanations of Oak Ridges Moraine geology is provided, and also about the history of Oak Ridges Moraine hydrogeology program. Since the information that is provided includes expert’ interpretation and data integration of Oak Ridges Moraine geology, it is a good source of information for someone who is interested in starting a project related to the area.

About oakridgeswater.ca :

The Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM) is a 160-km long ridge of sand, silt and gravel deposits that is oriented approximately east-west, and lies north of Lake Ontario. The site encompasses and, extends north, east and west from the City of Toronto within the province of Ontario in Canada.

Program Mandate :

To provide a multi-agency, collaborative approach to collecting, analyzing and disseminating water resource data as a basis for effective stewardship of water resources. The YPDT-CAMC Groundwater Management Program is to build, maintain and provide to partnered agencies the regional geological and hydrogeological context for ongoing groundwater studies and management initiatives within the partnership area.

As such, the program will:

1. Build and maintain a master database of water related information that is accessible to all partner agencies.

2. Build and maintain a digital geological construction of the subsurface layers that is accessible to all partner agencies.

3. Build and/or maintain numerical groundwater flow model(s) that can be used to address any number of issues that arise at the partner agencies.

4. Coordinate and lead investigations that will acquire new field data to strategically infill key data gaps.

5. Provide technical support to Source Water Protection Teams to ensure that interpretations used in source water are consistent with the regional understanding.

6. Provide technical support to planning authorities to ensure that Official Plan policies are developed in a manner which makes them consistent with up to date groundwater science as derived from the program.

7. Provide technical support to all partnered agencies for addressing other Provincial Legislation.

In order to understand and characterize the hydrogeology of the ORM, the York-Peel-Durham-Toronto (YPDT) coalition and the Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition (CAMC) have initiated regional and local-scale groundwater studies.

Lead Agencies :

  • the Regional Municipalities of York, Peel, and Durham, and the City of Toronto (YPDT)
  • the Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition (CAMC) consisting of the nine conservation authorities with jurisdiction on the Oak Ridges Moraine.

For more information about Oak Ridges Moraine and its geology, visit oakridegeswater.ca.