Canadian Centre for Architecture

The Canadian Centre for Architecture is a museum based around the historical collection of different Architecture related articles.

Although primarily related to building structures, they constantly touch upon many environmental associated topics when it comes to proper buildings and preach preservation of the environment when building various structures.


They promote research and current event news that relate to environmental issues such as the toxicity of great lakes and the impact of human intervention on nature. They hold many different events for people to view and have had a large sum of scholars come to view and research with the CCA in order to discover various new ways to build with nature in mind across the globe.




HESIOD ( Heritage and Social Innovation Observatory) is an organization that acquires information in regards to anything heritage related and uses this data in order to analyze any information of note around the world. They gather information through case studies, public questionnaires and then move this info onto their geographical analysis tool and online forums in order for discussion. They focus mainly on awareness of heritage sites and discussing the future of certain issues in different heritage sites so go check them out if you have the time, they even have a small quiz to do if you’d like.