Conservation Ontario

Conservation Ontario is a non-governmental organization that represents the 36 Image result for Conservation OntarioConservation Authorities within Ontario. Conservation authority is local, community-based public organizations that represent a grouping of municipalities on a watershed basis and work in partnership with others to manage their respective watersheds, including Oak Ridges Moraine. Conservation Ontario is responsible for their own projects related to watershed management, climate change, green economy, and etc..

About Conservation Ontario :

  • Conservation Ontario is a nonprofit association that represents the network of 36 Conservation Authorities.
  • Conservation Authorities are community-based watershed management agencies dedicated to conserving, restoring and managing Ontario’s natural resources on a watershed basis.

Conservation Ontario’s Responsibility :

  • Collective Corporate Services
  • Government Relations
  • Policy and Program Development
  • Building and Maintaining Partnerships
  • Corporate Communications
  • Research and Information
  • Evaluation and Reporting
  • Education and Training

For more information about Conservation Ontario, visit



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