Interesting Physical Facts Of Oak Ridges Moraine


  • Oak Ridges Moraine stretches 160 kilometers from east of Mono Mills at the Niagara Escarpment to Castleton, north each of Cobourg
  • North and south of the Moraine is ‘narrowest’ ( < ½ km ) at Bewedley on the west end of Rice Lake and (just about ½ km) at Simcoe Street north of Oshawa. An area of major concern for connectivity of the Moraine occurs within Richmond Hill at Yonge Street where the only undeveloped ‘natural linkage area’ is considerably less than ½ km in the area currently referred to as Corridor Park
  • The Moraine covers a geographic area of 1900 square kilometers approximately 1/3 of the size of Prince Edward Island
  • 90% of the Moraine is in private ownership
  • 60% of the Moraine is in the Greater Toronto Area, 20% in Northumberland County, 7% in the city of Kawartha Lakes, 5% in Simcoe County, 3% in Peterborough County and 1% in Dufferin County
  • 32% of the Moraine is covered in upland forests and is one of six recognized areas for forest bird diversity in southern Ontario
  • 5% of the Moraine is wetlands

For more information of Oak Ridges Moraine, visit Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust Website! (


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